Payment Structure

Work load and duration :

Data 240-270pages
Duration 25 -30days (as specified by the company)


Rs.3368/- Inclusive of 12.26% Service Tax.
Validity for ONE Year ( 8slots ) i.e. Slots will be allotted every 45 days till the completion of 12 months.

Due to overwhelming response through out India, we have reduced Rs.2000 from our Registration Fees, i.e., from Rs.5500+tax to Rs.3500+tax Currently.
One more Good News: For the First 500 Customers Reduction of Rs.500 more from the Registration charges. available from 1-1-2009 i.e., Rs.3000 (Package Price) + 12.26% Tax = Rs.3368 only

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Yahoo Chat Id : typingjob4all

Hurry!! Offer Valid for limited period only!

  • The job work will be renewed for the next year if provided accuracy of 97%and above for even one time.


2 passport size photos and Email ID

Payments according to your accuracy:

97% & above= Rs.8000/-
90% & above = Rs.6000/-
80% & above = Rs.4000/-
70% & above = Rs.2000/-
below 70%= NO PAYMENT

Job Allotment :

Job will be placed on 5th or 21st every month

Payment mode :

10 working days for receiving the accuracy report after the deadline of the project3 days for receiving the payments after getting the accuracy report

Payments are made through Cheque.


Continuously if an individual or company does not submit the completed work 3 consecutive time his ID or work will stand terminated without any further notice.

Specifications to be followed given along with the job work. Read the specifications thoroughly and follow the same. In case of any queries, please call the parent company for clarifications available from 10am to 5pm Weekdays only.Ebiz4ever wont be responsible if the work is not submitted with quality or delay in submission.

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yahoo chat Id : typingjob4all