Rejection Criteria:

The converted file shall be completely rejected under the following parameters:

1. File name of the converted word file does not match with the correspondingIMAGE file name.
2. There is a difference between the no. of pages in IMAGE file and Word file.
3. Incomplete file.
4. Any extra spaces found in the file shall result in the rejection of the file.
5. Any images are found in the word document.
6. If files received are less than the files delivered to you.
7. If the paragraph alignment is not proper.
8. Text is in other than “Times New Roman ” font.
9. If there is any extra tabs, extra enters.
10. If color text found in the word file.
11. If the file is not zipped, and any other files are found in the zip file except the word document.

If a person does not achieve 97% accuracy within three slots at least once the account will be cancelled without any information.

Accuracy is calculated for whole slot. Not for single page.

The Quality Check (QC) will be done until your accuracy comes below 70%. The other pages will not be considered for QC if the accuracy reaches below 70%.

The company’s decision will be final.

Important Note : The work will be allotted directly from the Company. EBIZ4EVER is primarily a consultant and would not be responsible for any default in payment and work related altercation. The customer service will also be provided. Ebiz4ever will only act as an agent until the sign up of application is done. Once you signup, the responsibility of work and future course of action will be entertained directly by the company. The Process is handled by a reputed organization and has been making payments since 2003.